= Tribe: Team members work with talented and experienced mentors

Coaches, mentors, and parents play an important role in the development of the team. They provide valuable experiences in building the robot and guiding students throughout the competition season, as well as helping the team to reach out to local sponsors and community. Being part of Tribe Robotics allows member to develop long lasting relationships and positive work experiences. Robotics provides team members with technical and interpersonal skills they’ll need for the team competition, college and careers in STEM as well as skills in fundraising, marketing, volunteering, and event experiences. The supporters and volunteers who carry out the mission of FIRST® are helping nurture team members to become leaders, innovators, and inspiring critical thinkers and creative problem solvers of tomorrow.

= Robotics: Teaches the skills needed to build and compete with a robot and lay the group-work for future careers

Like other robotics teams, Tribe Robotics provides an exciting learning environment to learn about STEM careers while having fun building a robot and competing with other teams. Hands-on participation allows team members to develop STEM skills as they overcome many challenges. It provides both technical and social skills necessary for workforce demands and offers many opportunities for scholarships. Programs like FRC show the value of service for team members and the value of their participation in the future.

= Wrench: Team members develop teamwork and collaborative skills

Team roles include the many branches of engineering like design, prototyping, programming, and mechanical operation. Management skills include team promotion, creative writing skills, website design, social media, and fundraising. All students from diverse backgrounds of talent, interest, and experience develop the essential skills in a team-based atmosphere. Our different teams use and practice CAD, Scouting and Strategy, safety, and Coopertition.

= Inspiration, Innovation, and Insight: Team members learn thinking processes and solve problems

Team members learn how to Team members learn how to go through a building process that includes deadlines and challenging requirements. They also learn to operate machinery and take on leadership roles within their groups . During competitions team members experience different innovative approaches on how to build a robot as they interact with from other competitors. This gives us inspiration, innovation, and insight for our final product.

= Sponsors: Provide the financial support needed for expenses and  building a robot as well as mentors and internship  opportunities

Building a robot and registration to competitions are expensive and with the help of our sponsors, our goals include building two robots as well as adding a second competition. Thanks to our sponsors, families, friends, and community.

Joining Tribe Robotics creates opportunities to meet new friends and learn concepts of other cultures and people by being a good sport, and sharing knowledge. Students and members interact and exchange ideas with other teams not just in the US but from other countries around the world. This enables members to meet demands, grow, and learn to be leaders of tomorrow.

= Strong Friendships and Global Outreach: Teams allow members to go beyond competing with a robot

Joining Tribe Robotics creates opportunities to meet new friends and interact and exchange ideas with other teams from not just within the country but also around the world. This makes our members eligible to become the leaders, innovators, critical thinkers, and creative problem solvers of tomorrow.