Mentors play a key role in Tribe Robotics, by teaching and guiding students through the fundamentals of creating a robot, they allow the team to fully work according to the motto, “Student Built, Mentor Approved.”

Students work with mentors in all areas of the team, including but not limited to, robot design, robot fabrication, finance, and media. Mentors help guide students on the path toward success by ensuring that students look at the bigger picture of what they are doing and adressing all aspects of the problem given to the students to solve. Mentors have the main responsibility of helping students when they are having difficulty solving problems and advising them what steps they might want to take to overcome the problem. Students must learn from mentors how to solve problems and how to go about figuring out solutions to things they know nothing of, that is one of the many goals Tribe Robotics attempts to teach. Which is why mentors are crucial elements to the team and are necessary for the team to operate at its full potential.

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Current Mentors

HEAD COACH: Walter Wippler (6 years)

ALTERNATE COACH: Mary Erigero (5 years)

Design/ Fabrication

– Walter Wippler – St. John Bosco Engineering Pathway and AP Physics Instructor

– Daniel Dominik – Retired Boeing Aerospace Engineer

– Paul Ashley – Retired Math and Programming Teacher – Former FIRST Mentor

– John Weinandy – St. John Bosco Chemistry and AP Physics Instructor

– Alex Sandstrom – Student at Cal State Long Beach – Bosco Alumni

– Diego Castaneda – Student at Cal State Long Beach – FRC Alumni


– Mary Erigero – Parent ’15 & ’19

– Sheri Lietzow – Parent ’21

– Strategic Advisor – Rosalinda Meza


– Mary Erigero – Parent ’15 & ’19

– Sheri Lietzow – Parent ’21


– Adrian Campos – Student at Cal State Long Beach – FRC Alumni

-Tim Ceicil – St. John Bosco Physics and Computer Science Instructor

Field Piece Construction

– Ricardo Chacon – Private Contractor

– Alex Sandstrom – Bosco Alumni

Strategic Advisors

-Rosalinda Maca – Boeing

-Lisa Richardson – Pelican Products